Collaboration with CITYMAN PRODUCTION!

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Emotional Apparel & Cityman Productions have teamed up to spread the awareness of vaporwave in Europe. Our main purpose is to make vaporwave music and art known to European people.

We're also going to collaborate in various audiovisual projects in the near future. We have made a Discord group called Hangings Gardens and we want you onboard to share your ideas, hear your awesome tracks & see your aesthetic designs. The group is primarily intended for brainstorming ideas. The link to the Discord group is in bio.

Even though our main focus is on uniting vaporwave people in Europe, everyone is welcome. It would also be cool to have people from other genres like synthwave and lo-fi hiphop join the group. We need you Europeans to join us and share your art and music in order to spread the awareness of vaporwave in Europe.

You can be a musician, visual artist, blogger or whatever related to vaporwave, synthwave or lo-fi hiphop. We look forward to have you :)