Vaporwave for dummies: beginners guide

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Every single artist, doesn’t matter the field of arts, was a beginner once. Do you want to start your adventure with vaporwave, but you have no idea how? This is something for you!

Okay, let’s get things straight - how has it all started?

Roses, blues, purples, slightly disturbing yet hypnotic compositions and most important of them all - n o s t a l g i a. This is the essence of this visual aesthetic and musical trend, which was born on the Internet relatively recently (due to the times it refers to) - around 2010-2011. It refers strongly to the style of the 90s, distorted records on VHS cassettes, the characteristic humming quality of photos and above all to the technology of that time - very fresh, just emerging, not yet so widespread… And thanks to that - way more delightful than nowadays one. Video games, first computers, commercials, graphics - vapor, as well as the preceding chillwave, synthwave, retrowave, outran and a lot of related genres, work mainly on memories. It awakens the sweetness of one’s childhood idyll and makes them long for those times in a completely positive way. It makes them feel like time started running backwards and makes them discover it all once again with the very same fascination they were the transformations at that time. But you don’t need to be one of the so-called 90s children to feel it, the pinch of imagination is everything you need to fall in love with this aesthetic. This nostalgic message feels so strongly that teen fans of the genre say they "miss times they don't remember." This refers to humanity in various ways - either in the perfection of a human body seen on ancient Greek sculptures, or in the innocence of a child observing with fascination technological revolution that changes the whole world around them. 



Now let’s get down to business - what do I need to create a vaporwave aesthetic?

Now that you know the bases, you can start creating your own very first edit. Oh, and one thing before we start - please, don’t be too serious about this paragraph 😉

Now the question is - what ingredients will you need?

  1. Find a good place you want to settle your graphic - some old-fashioned pool will be the best.
  2. Make sure it’s enlightened with a great amount of neons (okay, fake LED neons can do, but shush, don’t tell anyone we told it 😉).
  3. Remember that vaporwave loves plants, so you don’t hesitate to plant some palms, monstera leaves or other kinds of green accents to create an exotic urban jungle vibe.
  4. Now in the middle of everything there needs to be an ancient Greek sculpture. Don’t ask. Just put it there. Just accept it. 
  5. All you need now is to put some pink-purple, 90s styled, a little glitchy, distorted filter. If you are ambitious, you can add random Japanese letters and a bottle of Fiji water (this is the legendary drink of all vaporwavers).